July 2014: Playing ArcheAge Alpha!
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Kraken Up (above)
Author: Asphodel
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Date created: June 23, 2014

West Side Story
Author: Asphodel
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Date created: June 15, 2014

My first siege ... and also the first full NA siege ever held in ArcheAge!

This was way, way better than I thought. And this is just the Alpha server.

Defending with the Aurorian Empire was Nui World Order/Wicked (my guild)

Attacking is White Order.

Both guilds "West Side" guilds.

I have a feeling I am going to be in a lot of these ...

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Random Haleigh Facts

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City of Conviction, Lok (at its peak)

My PvP kill counts week by week (as Haleigh Comette)

My PvP kill counts week by week (as Haleigh Comette-Irloka)
Haleigh Sketches drawn by Lucas Gaudette (SWG)

Loralie Sketches drawn by Lucas Gaudette (PotBS)

Asphodel and Klondike Sketches drawn by Lucas Gaudette (AoC)

SWTOR, Rift, DCUO and Fallen Earth sketches

Haleigh's RP Story: "And Now We are Free"

Asphodel's RP Story: "To Scorn the Lotus" (Updated Dec 2008)

Asphodel Meadows - Onomastics
Haleigh's Written Interview on 3GodKings

Haleigh's Audio Interview
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Why SWG will never rise again

None of us have ever heard it.
None of us ever will.
There's no one left who can give it.
Tho you may hear its echo still.
You may hear it up near Manassas,
and down around Gaines Mill.
In December it echoes in Fredricksburg,
in May around Chancellorsville.
It's the "pibroch of Southern fealty".
It's a Comanche brave's battle cry.
It's an English huntsman's call to the hounds.
It's a pig farmer's call to the sty.
It's a high-pitched trilling falsetto.
It's the yip of a dog in flight.
It's the scream of a wounded panther.
It's the shriek of the wind in the night.
It was yelled when the boys flushed a rabbit.
It was passed man to man in the ranks.
It was cheered when they saw their leaders.
It was screamed when they whipped the Yanks.
But none of us will ever hear it.
Tho some folks mimic it well.
No soul alive can truly describe
the sound of the Rebel Yell.
-Monte Akers